Intel Xeon E7 processor workload power management

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Intel introduces its E7 multi-core processor based on 32-nanometer process technology.  The new chip will monitor workload of the cores to minimize power consumption.  …

…   “To help address rising energy costs, the new Xeon chips include Intel Intelligent Power technology that dynamically reduces idle power consumption of the chip based on the workload while also delivering advanced processor power-management capabilities.”   …

via Intel: Xeon Processor Computing.

Intel Xeon E7 cpu product brief (PDF).

Xeon E7 Fact Sheet (PDF).

E7 Family Specs.

Server selection guide (PDF).

Intel LEED Gold Green Building

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Intel Corp achieves LEED Gold at its Haifa, Israel Design Center 9, IDC 9, which will open in June. The building deploys multiple strategies for sustainability in its design and construction, including a Xeon processor-based data center that significantly reduces power consumption. …

… “Securing a Gold-level rating – one of the highest level LEED certifications – IDC 9 is the first building in Israel to receive this level of recognition for sustainable construction.

The sustainable design of IDC 9 results in a net 17 percent reduction in total building energy use as compared with ordinary buildings built, according to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) 90.1-2007 standard.

IDC 9 is the marquee of Intel sites striving to meet international green building standards. ” …

Via Intel: Green Building Receives LEED Gold Cert

Intel Haifa Design Center is built with a sustainable design

Intel Xeon 7500 Server CPU

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Intel’s new CPU offers reduction in energy use and ability to consolidate data center capacity footprint. …

… “With three times better performance than Intel’s 7400 series, a single box with Xeon 7500 processors could consolidate up to 20 older servers, slashing energy costs and advancing ROI. ” …

Via Sci-Tech Today: Intel Xeon Game-Changer

Intel Xeon processor

Intel Xeon processor enables data center server consolidation

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Intel has introduced its Xeon Processor 5600 series, incorporating new security features such as Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions, AES-NI, and Trusted Execution Technology, TXT, for accelerated encryption and decryption. These processors are aimed at boosting data centers processing and power consumption performance. …

… “These are also the first server and workstation chips based on the groundbreaking, new Intel 32nm logic technology, which uses Intel’s second-generation high-k metal gate transistors to increase speed and decrease energy consumption. The Intel Xeon Processor 5600 series supports up to six cores per processor and delivers up to 60 percent greater performance than the 45nm Intel Xeon processor 5500 series. In addition, data centers can replace 15 single-core servers with a single new one, and achieve a return on their investment in as little as 5 months.Intel Xeon processor

Data centers will also benefit from the power efficiency of the Intel Xeon processor 5600 series. A two-socket server using the new low-voltage Intel Xeon processor L5640 can deliver the same performance as a server using the previous generation’s champion; the Intel Xeon processors X5570 series, but with up to 30 percent lower platform power. ” …

Via Intel: Secure Data Center Processor

Efficient Power Supply in Workstation Design

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HP launches line of Workstations that offers innovation and efficiency, such as self-checking power supplies and power-sipping Xeon processors. The Z line of computers is also registered as Electronics Products Environmental Assessment Tool, or EPEAT, Gold. …

… “In addition, the HP Z Workstations include 85 percent efficient power supplies – the HP Z800 Workstation has an option for an 89 percent efficient power supply – reducing both overall energy usage and the amount of waste heat released. The HP Z line already is ENERGY STAR 5.0 qualified, ahead of the ENERGY STAR scheduled deadline of July. ” …

Via HP: Z Workstations