Intel on Sustainability

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Future Vision of Data Center: Simplicity

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Cisco Energy Monitoring For IP Devices Drives Green Network

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Cisco launches green network tool for energy monitoring
Cisco introduces EnergyWise technology for its network switches, which will monitor the consumption of energy by IP-devices. The company envisions a fully integrated building management system will be enabled via its network. …

… “Cisco EnergyWise was purpose-built in alignment with Cisco’s vision of how networking technology can support a low-carbon economy, cut energy use and promote overall environmental sustainability. Cisco EnergyWise is part of the company’s technology roadmap for changing the value-chain of information technology (IT) by placing the intelligent network squarely at the center of how companies reduce greenhouse gas (GhG) emissions across their entire organization. ” …

Via Cisco: Greener Network

Demo Flash Video.

Green Data Center Vision

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EvoSwitch leader discusses the green data center and the forecast for investment in energy efficient computing in the near term. …

… “Old data centers will face increasing difficulties owing to their energy consumption and dated specifications. In spite of the presently emerging recession, I expect plenty of opportunities for new data centers, provided they are built according to state-of-the-art concepts. ” …

Via Tophosts: Laurens Rosenthal

EvoSwitch Datacenters: “One of the reasons for the increased efficiency was the use of more advanced cooling technologies than were implemented in the first EvoSwitch building phase. In both cases Free Cooling was used. “