Seamicro Low-Power Server Technology Insights

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SeaMicro CEO Andrew Feldman provides insights into the company’s low-energy servers.

Intel Develops Lower Power Chips for Mobile

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Intel discusses their processor technology roadmap for mobile computing. Each successor platform improves upon the power efficiency of the previous generation. …

… “Citing a combination of architectural, design and process enhancements, Perlmutter detailed progress with Intel’s Moorestown platform, scheduled for 2010 and targeting MIDs and smartphones. He discussed some of the innovative techniques that Intel is implementing, such as Distributed Power Gating, for improved performance and major reductions in power and thermal envelope.

These technologies help to achieve up to a 50x improvement in platform idle power reduction compared to Intel’s first generation Menlow platform. The reductions are enabling Intel to establish new thresholds in ultra low power while making it possible to run the full Internet and media-rich applications in handheld devices.

Perlmutter also touched on Intel’s third generation ultra-low power platform, codenamed Medfield. Expected in 2011, Medfield will be a single-chip 32nm system-on-chip (SoC) design that will enable a much smaller form factor and lower power designs than Moorestown, helping extend Intel squarely into smartphone segments. ” …

Via Intel: Mobile Computing Experience