Telecommunication devices embrace energy efficiency technologies

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Communication device design will boost performance and scalability while integrating more energy efficient technologies as the next generation is commercialized. …

… “recent DSP releases claimed to be up to four times more power-efficient than general-purpose DSPs. To minimize power consumption they use features like power scaling to automatically scale speed and voltage for various units within the processor. ” …

Via Chip Design: Low-Power Engineering

Cisco Top of Rack 10GbE

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SlovakTelekom Green Data Center Project

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Slovak Telekom will use IBM to build a new green data center in Bratislava, Slovakia and it is targeted to begin operations in 2011 enabling capacity growth needs. The data centre will leverage ambient outside air for cooling and implement high-density rack arrangements that optimize cooling system efficiency. …

… “The data centre will be built on approximately 1,200 square meters of a modern, five-floor building, providing a highly-resilient environment. It will be fully equipped to protect Slovak Telekom‘s valuable information technology investments. It will ensure the highest levels of physical and digital protection, including access control, CCTV, intrusion, fire and flood detection and extinguishing systems, as well as, comprehensive monitoring of the IT infrastructure. Green techniques include a cooling system which, during cold months, will leverage outside air, reducing the need for air conditioning units. The high-density layout of the centre will ensure that IT equipment is sectioned according to heat emissions in order to optimize cooling capacity and efficiency. ” …

Via IBM: Green Data Centre

Slovak Telecom Green Data Center