Synapsense and GE to target data center energy improvements

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SynapSense Corp will enter into an investment and commercial partnership with GE in its market strategy to focus on data center energy services. …

GE, which has used SynapSense technology in many of its data centers including GE Corporate and NBC Universal since 2008, will now collaborate with SynapSense on digital energy through a commercial partnership with GE Intelligent Platforms, a high-performance technology business that provides software, hardware, services, and expertise in automation and embedded computing.

The partnership will combine SynapSense’s technology with GE Intelligent Platform’s Proficy Software and Control platform.

This combined offering will enable data center operators to optimize energy use by continuously aligning cooling capacity with changes in IT load, saving up to 35 percent of cooling costs while ensuring security, redundancy and resiliency.

GE’s Proficy software provides real-time insight on data center and other operational performance metrics to give customers information to make better business decisions.

Via GE: SynapSense Data Center Power and Cooling Strategy Cuts Costs.