IBM Blue Gene Energy Efficiency Achieves National Recognition

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President Obama will recognize IBM Blue Gene supercomputing with a National Medal of Technology and Innovation on October 7. …

… “The system also reflects breakthroughs in energy efficiency. With the creation of Blue Gene, IBM dramatically shrank the physical size and energy needs of a computing system whose processing speed would have required a dedicated power plant capable of generating power to thousands of homes. ” …

Via IBM: Blue Gene Supercomputer

IBM Blue Gene energy efficient supercomputer

NASA Green Supercomputer

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NASA supercomputers
NASA uses supercomputing to model the ocean climate and leverages an efficient means to perform the calculations. …

… “Using a total of 2.09 megawatts, or 233 megaflops per watt, Pleiades ranked number 22 on the November 2008 Green500 list. This ranking makes Pleiades the second-most powerful and energy-efficient supercomputer in the world. ” …

Via NASA: Supercomputing Goes Green

Efficient Supercomputing

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IBM Nautilus is greenest supercomputer
The Green 500 report recognizes IBM and the University of Warsaw for the most energy efficient supercomputer in the world. …

… “According to some recent reports, the energy losses in conventional systems range between 40 and 70 percent. On average, for every 100 units of energy piped into a data center, only 3 units are used for actual computing. More than half goes to cooling the servers. Nautilus, based on IBM technology, makes supercomputing smarter – greener and more efficient. ”

Via IBM: Warsaw University system is most energy efficient supercomputer