Ultra-efficient data center initiative

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The San Diego Supercomputer Center at UC San Diego and CLUMEQ, a Canadian High Performance Computing consortium, will collaborate to design an ultra-efficient data center as part of a program to promote green IT initiatives.  …

… “Under the partnership, SDSC and CLUMEQ/McGill University researchers will design and build a business case and a conceptual design for a jointly-managed, ultra-efficient data center to be built in Quebec, which has an abundance of green hydroelectric power and an ideally suited cool climate that can provide free cooling to the data center’s high-performance computer systems for much of the year.

Hydro Quebec, Quebec’s state-owned utility, Rumsey Engineering of Oakland, California, and ClimateCHECK, an Ottawa-based firm specializing in green house gas ( GHG ) emission standards and measurement, are collaborating on the project. “   …

Via SDSC: Green Data Center (Link).

IBM Blue Gene Energy Efficiency Achieves National Recognition

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President Obama will recognize IBM Blue Gene supercomputing with a National Medal of Technology and Innovation on October 7. …

… “The system also reflects breakthroughs in energy efficiency. With the creation of Blue Gene, IBM dramatically shrank the physical size and energy needs of a computing system whose processing speed would have required a dedicated power plant capable of generating power to thousands of homes. ” …

Via IBM: Blue Gene Supercomputer

IBM Blue Gene energy efficient supercomputer

NASA Green Supercomputer

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NASA supercomputers
NASA uses supercomputing to model the ocean climate and leverages an efficient means to perform the calculations. …

… “Using a total of 2.09 megawatts, or 233 megaflops per watt, Pleiades ranked number 22 on the November 2008 Green500 list. This ranking makes Pleiades the second-most powerful and energy-efficient supercomputer in the world. ” …

Via NASA: Supercomputing Goes Green

Efficient Supercomputing

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IBM Nautilus is greenest supercomputer
The Green 500 report recognizes IBM and the University of Warsaw for the most energy efficient supercomputer in the world. …

… “According to some recent reports, the energy losses in conventional systems range between 40 and 70 percent. On average, for every 100 units of energy piped into a data center, only 3 units are used for actual computing. More than half goes to cooling the servers. Nautilus, based on IBM technology, makes supercomputing smarter – greener and more efficient. ”

Via IBM: Warsaw University system is most energy efficient supercomputer