Sustainability software enable efficient compliance processes in Europe

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Panasonic implements SAP recycling module to increase efficiency in the management of recycling electronic waste in Europe.  …

…   “With SAP Recycling Administration, we could improve the recycling data management process significantly – representing a 50 percent time savings across 18 countries and 50 different compliance schemes, said Thomas Knopp, environmental project manager, Panasonic Europe.

The application also allows us to generate more accurate calculations of product net weight, the basis for recycling charges per the WEEE directive, and consequently has reduced recycling costs by 15 percent, which adds up to millions of dollars every year.”   …

Via  SAP: Panasonic Module Implementation.

SAP Recycling Module (PDF).

IBM BigFix Acquisition integrates energy efficiency for desktops

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IBM will acquire BigFix software, which will increase IBM’s capabilities in security, compliance, and energy management.  …

…   “Energy and Resource Consumption: Organizations can use BigFix technology to manage power consumption by being able to automatically configure and shutdown desktops overnight, helping save thousands of dollars in energy use. Clients can monitor global print usage to help reduce costs and environmental harm. “   …

Via IBM: BigFix Acquisition.

Energy resource management in the datacenter

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Viridity software deployed for energy efficiency in the data center.

Workload modeling software drives CPU energy efficiency

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Software offers opportunity to optimize processing to save energy. …

… “The idea here is that in the lower state your the CPU consumes less energy, thus making your computer more efficient. This system optimization is automatic and reportedly does not compromise performance or availability.” …

Via EarthTechling: Granola App

Schneider Data Center Software Focuses on Power Utilization

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DataCenter Cloud Storage

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Cloud Storage Services.

Intelligent PC Power Management

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Smart power management for personal computers identifies opportunities for power conservation and takes action without negative impacts on systems. …

… “For example, they can locate systems with hibernation disabled and re-enable it. They can shut down applications and save files before powering down the system. ” …

Via InfoWorld: Centralized PC power managers

Green Software Solutions in Data Centers

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Data Center CoGeneration

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Syracuse taps IBM to collaborate on green data center which will incorporate efficient computing infrastructure and leverage cogen power. …

… “For example, the project will focus on the actual infrastructure of the data center itself, not just the computer hardware and software. A key element will be an on-site electrical co-generation system that will use natural gas-fueled microturbine engines to generate all electricity for the center and provide cooling for the computer servers. The $12.4 million, 6,000-square-foot data center will feature its own electrical tri-generation system and incorporate IBM’s latest energy-efficient computers and computer-cooling technology. ” …

Via IBM: Energy-Efficient Data Center

SAP on Green IT

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Virtual Worlds

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Collaborate in a virtual business world
IBM continues to innovate in the collaborative software space. Teams can collaborate effectively, without requiring travel to in-person meetings. This results in cost savings and lower carbon footprint. …

… “IBM is now allowing selected clients test Sametime 3D, a new tool which will let business colleagues not only exchange instant messages and chat verbally, but also share presentations and ideas in private, prefabricated, reusable meeting spaces located in a variety of virtual worlds. These spaces will allow participants to, literally, throw ideas on the wall during a meeting to see what sticks, and to vote on, organize, and save the most promising proposals. ” …

Via IBM Labs: Hold Face-to-Face Meetings in Virtual Worlds

Sametime 3D is demonstrated …

Asia Green Certification

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IBM plans green solutions and services in Asia
IBM will collaborate with partners to deliver green certification through its enterprise content management solution. …

… “In addition to calculating carbon emissions, GreenCert provides instant data analysis and test reports that allow customers to use it as a base for carbon trading. Foxconn will make a significant investment leveraging IBM software and hardware technology to enable this analysis and management. At Kaohsiung Software Park, they will recruit several hundred software engineers with special industry skills to help make the GreenCert technology system meet the specific needs of different Asian industries. Additionally, it will help enterprises in the Asia Pacific region realize their social responsibilities toward energy savings and carbon emissions reductions. ” …

Via IBM: Asia Pacific Region Carbon Emissions