Europe Data Center Connection

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Insights on the European data center, where virtualization and energy efficiency are opportunities for future efforts …

… “By 2010, the cost of electrical power could overtake server costs. This is particularly a concern for the largest organizations, which often manage data centers of thousands of servers. ” …

Via Internet Evolution: Euro Data Centers

Server Consolidation and Virtualization

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Reduce Server Sprawl

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VMware Virtualization Impact on Green IT

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VMware touts the impact of server virtualization on green IT. …

… “VMware virtual infrastructure helps enterprises and governments reduce their energy costs and consumption by as much as 80 percent. Most desktops and servers today are in use only eight to 15 percent of the time they are turned on, yet they consume 60 to 90 percent of the normal workload power even when idle. VMware vSphere has advanced resource and memory management features that will enable consolidation ratios of 15:1 or more and dynamically power off unneeded servers, which increase hardware utilization to as much as 85 percent.

Every server retired from a datacenter saves an estimated four tons of CO2 emissions, equivalent to taking 1.5 cars off the road or planting 55 trees. Similar opportunities for savings are available for desktop PCs, which can be consolidated on servers in the datacenter using VMware View. VMware vSphere 4 is expected to be generally available during the second quarter of 2009. ” …

Via VMware: Go Green

Data Center Chaos

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IBM Blade server
IBM blade servers consume less power and reduce chaos in the data center with automated support of a virtualized environment. …

… “With the new systems, IBM engineers addressed key challenges in today’s data center, where hefty costs for power usage and IT management pile-up, while processors sit idle or under-utilized. To help enable a more dynamic infrastructure, IBM’s four new x86 rack servers and blades feature unique designs — such as lower wattage requirements — that can slash energy costs up to 93 percent. At the same time, the new System x servers boast double the compute performance in some models, and support more memory, storage and I/O to help customers of all sizes ease the transition to highly efficient virtualized computing resources. System x blades and racks lead the industry with 96GB to 1TB memory options. ” …

Via IBM: New Servers, Software Cuts Data Center Chaos

Sustainability Metrics for IT Carbon Footprint

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Zerofootprint and Cybernomics collaborate to create the One Minute ECOnomics Carbon Calculator for assessing and benchmarking sustainable performance. …

… “Calculations are based on real-time IT statistics captured by Cybernomics’ Analytics platform and presented as a benchmark for comparison of an individual company’s performance. The calculator’s carbon engine is powered by Zerofootprint and is focused on helping businesses measure and reduce their carbon footprint. The ECOnomics calculator lays out exactly where a company is using the most energy and illustrates how measures such as server virtualization, thin client strategies, and using LCD/LED screens can translate into immense carbon savings. Cutting down on energy, hardware and overall management costs through a Sustainable IT strategy is also a concrete way of better controlling overall IT expenditure, as well as reducing carbon emissions. ” …

Via Think Green Alliance: ECOnomics Carbon Calculator

The Hidden Data Center Strategy

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Dell launches next-generation data center infrastructure products that improve energy efficiency and positions the company to support green IT strategies through the concept of the hidden (untapped, unrealized) data center. …

… “Dell’s Reveal Your Hidden Data Center strategy focuses on server virtualization and consolidation, decommissioning out-of-use equipment, refreshing legacy systems, finding the optimal data center temperature, utilizing containment and moving cooling closer to IT to help businesses improve productivity and energy efficiency in their existing data centers. ” …

Via Dell: New Data Center Infrastructure Products

Data Center Virtualization

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Sungard will support their clients green IT initiatives in the data center
Sungard positions IT services to enable the implementation of server virtualization in the green data center. …

… “Today, many organizations are investigating virtualization with an eye towards advancing data center consolidation strategies to decrease IT costs. These initiatives can also reduce power and cooling outlays, and cut data center space requirements, supporting green IT initiatives.

Companies should implement initial systems in a test and development – not production – environment and then scale systems from there. Another priority needs to be testing fail-over to a secondary site to ensure disaster recovery is working flawlessly to safeguard information availability. ” …

Via SunGard Availability Services: Data Center

Understand Virtual Servers

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Bull SAP Green IT Initiative

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Bull and SAP Research collaborate to advance the frontier of green IT through an aligned research initiative. Their research agenda will focus on transaction energy measurement, software best practices that reduce energy consumption, and server virtualization. …

… “New server technologies currently being developed by Bull are adding energy management intelligence into the new generation of Datacenters. The mission of this initiative between Bull and SAP Research is to develop an overall strategy for Datacenter energy management intelligence combined with server management services, integrating business applications and end-user services to enable sustainable Datacenter technologies. ” …

Via Bull: R&D initiative for Green IT

Green IT Blade Center

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Benefits of Adopting Server Virtualization

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Symantec shares insights on the realization of benefits from server virtualization. …