Server Consolidation and Virtualization

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Xcel Energy Data Center Efficiency Program Created to Reduce Energy Consumption

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Xcel Energy creates a call-to-action for Information Technology managers to make data center energy efficiency a priority, by offering cash rebates energy studies and efficiency improvements. The company will support investment in more efficient servers, virtualization software to drive utilization rates, air flow and cooling optimization, etc. …

Xcel Energy Data Center Efficiency rebates planned

… “Xcel Energy will fund a portion of the study and pay rebates as projects are completed. An approved third-party vendor will conduct an on-site energy evaluation and make recommendations on energy savings, help outline a business case for energy-efficiency investments and detail how to best run the data center at peak efficiency. ” …

Via Xcel Energy: Data Center Efficiency program

Manage Data Center Growth with Modules

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A strategy for the green data center includes a modular approach to capacity growth, rather than over-sized and underutilized. …

… “Modular design is about using smaller increments of standardized components to match business requirements to IT requirements and add server room capacity as needed. ” …

Via Environmental Leader: Green Data Center Strategy

Beware Zombies

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Zombie servers are in your datacenter
Beware. There are zombies in your datacenter. No. It’s not the operators. It’s the servers. They’re bleeding you dry. Your electricity bill, that is. …

… “Like zombies, these mindless minions feed greedily on, well, not brains, but electricity, a costly resource for a datacenter operator. ” …

Via InfoWorld: Zombie servers

DataCenter Research Projects

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Microsoft low-power processor research
Microsoft shares its research pipeline with employees at its internal TechFest. Data center efficiency is a hot topic with two research projects headlining. …

… “Two particular datacenter projects were on display: Closed-Loop Control Systems for the Datacenter, a project aimed at improving the energy efficiency of datacenters by selectively putting idle servers into a low-power state while maintaining service response times; Low-Power Processors for the Datacenter, an experiment to build a server from low-power processors and evaluate how well it runs some of the tasks typically performed in a datacenter, such as processing a large number of independent requests or running databases for a Web site; ” …

Via Microsoft: Research Innovations

Efficient Supercomputing

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IBM Nautilus is greenest supercomputer
The Green 500 report recognizes IBM and the University of Warsaw for the most energy efficient supercomputer in the world. …

… “According to some recent reports, the energy losses in conventional systems range between 40 and 70 percent. On average, for every 100 units of energy piped into a data center, only 3 units are used for actual computing. More than half goes to cooling the servers. Nautilus, based on IBM technology, makes supercomputing smarter – greener and more efficient. ”

Via IBM: Warsaw University system is most energy efficient supercomputer

Mining Logs for Energy Efficiency

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Software technique to mining logs for understanding utilization rates, power usage, and data center temperature gradient to increase energy efficiency. …

… “Simple yet powerful searches let you correlate physical server utilization with power consumption and temperature within different parts of the datacenter so that you can identify and address inefficiencies. ” …

Via Splunk: Green Datacenter