eBay’s Topaz Data Center reduces power consumption

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eBay’s strategic infrastructure project pursues reliable, continuous power delivery in the data center with reduced energy usage.  Triple redundancy is built into the PLC system where a voting algorithm monitors the state of devices.  …

As a result of the design and construction efforts and the subsequent power usage savings, the Topaz facility achieved a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold rating in 2010.

The Quad PAC solution features Smart Redundancy, an algorithm that continually calculates the relative system availability in real time and delivers predictive analysis on key process input variables. A quad redundancy control system has a Master Controller and three synchronized backup controllers.

It leverages Ethernet-based I/O devices that can seamlessly arbitrate its control from one of the four controllers in the system. If the Master Controller, or any of the system components fail, the system identifies the best backup controller to take over and provides the system with the most capability to withstand the next sequence of multiple or cascaded system failures.

via GE: GE Quad PAC Redundancy Control Solution.

Fidelity DataCenter Redundancy

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Fidelity looks likely to leverage North Carolina for its backup data center. …

… “The 100,000-square-foot data center would give the international financial services company back-up redundancy for its mission-critical computer systems across the country on two different power supply systems. ” …

Via Triangle Business Journal: NC Data Center

Amazon Data Center Root Cause Analysis

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Amazon follows through on data center outage with root cause analysis. …

… “Prior to completing the repair of this unit, a second component, used to assure redundant power paths, failed as well, resulting in a portion of the servers in that availability zone losing power. ” …

Via InformationWeek: Amazon Identifies Cause Of Outage

Redundant Assets

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A green IT audit screens for purchasing policies, asset management practices, and power consumption baseline. …

… “Vreeswijk looks to eliminate redundant machines and infrastructure, or looks for redundant workstations, such as unnecessary hot spares … ” …

Via Vancouver Sun: Green computing

IBM Green Innovations DataCenter Connecticut

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This site in Southbury, Connecticut is a data center retrofit success story. …

IBM Green Innovation Data Center: “IBM transformed a 2,000 square foot legacy data center into an environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art facility—without service interruption. The data center offers twice the processing power in one quarter the space and reduces the environmental footprint. “

The data center uses hundreds of networked sensors to understand the real-time performance of the space in order to optimize energy, power, and cooling. Cooling can be adjusted dynamically to the thermal profile of the data center environment.

The cooling system design has incorporated redundancy. …

IBM Green Innovation Data Center Consolidation Project (PDF): “In the event of a failure of one of the major cooling systems, the ceiling and floor damper systems help ensure that the cooling system support both zones’ heat loads until repairs can be made. “