Dell datacenter energy efficiency capabilities in new solutions

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Dell datacenter solutions integrate energy efficiency capabilities. …

… “The M1000e chassis is enhanced with next generation power supplies, ultra-efficient fans, and bare metal chassis management tools to help facilitate blade energy efficiency and exceptional performance per watt, as well as setting new standards for usability and manageability. ” …

Via Dell: Data Center Solutions (Link).

Double wide rack cooling

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Data center SmartAisle configuration uses cold aisle with row cooling

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Cisco Top of Rack 10GbE

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CFD Airflow Modeling for Data Center Temperature

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Computational fluid dynamics modeling can be deployed to understand data center temperature situations. …

… “CFD is useful for illustrating how to increase rack densities and server installations without creating additional hot spots and airflow issues. ” …

Via Processor: Data Center Temperature

Cluster Improves Performance Per Watt

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HP brings new infrastructure to the market that improves performance and efficiency in today’s data center. …

… “The HP Cluster Platform 3000SL delivers maximum performance per watt and per dollar. This HPC-optimized implementation of the new HP ProLiant SL series offers double the density over traditional rack servers as well as improved energy efficiency with shared power and fans. ” …

Via HP: Scale-out Computing Portfolio Improves Data Center Performance

UPS Sustainability Efforts Achieve Data Center Savings

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UPS takes sustainability personally. The company has published its Corporate Sustainability report and provide transparency to the actions it is taking to transform its carbon footprint. The company has already seen the benefits of data center efficiency through implementation of opportunities, classified as “low-hanging fruit”. Expect UPS to continue to raise the bar and be an industry champion for sustainable development. …

UPS Sustainability Program provide report on performance to date

… “We have managed to reduce annual electricity consumption by nearly three million kilowatt hours at Windward Data Center through innovative use of simple but powerful elements: air and water. In one case we re-engineered airflow to adjust hydrostatic pressure and keep cool air where it belonged: surrounding the server racks. That change alone produced a saving of 1.5 million kilowatt hours of electricity. ” …

Via UPS: Corporate Sustainability Report (PDF)

United Parcel Service (UPS) Insights via New Georgia Encyclopedia: “The UPS Windward data center, located in southern Forsyth County, is the central nervous system of UPS’s global technology infrastructure. “

Wolfram Alpha Data Center R-Smarr

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Data Center Chaos

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IBM Blade server
IBM blade servers consume less power and reduce chaos in the data center with automated support of a virtualized environment. …

… “With the new systems, IBM engineers addressed key challenges in today’s data center, where hefty costs for power usage and IT management pile-up, while processors sit idle or under-utilized. To help enable a more dynamic infrastructure, IBM’s four new x86 rack servers and blades feature unique designs — such as lower wattage requirements — that can slash energy costs up to 93 percent. At the same time, the new System x servers boast double the compute performance in some models, and support more memory, storage and I/O to help customers of all sizes ease the transition to highly efficient virtualized computing resources. System x blades and racks lead the industry with 96GB to 1TB memory options. ” …

Via IBM: New Servers, Software Cuts Data Center Chaos

Energy and Space Efficient Blades

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Blade servers
The HFCL Group will use IBM blade server technology to create a green and cost-efficient computational capability. …

… “This three-year agreement includes the deployment of IBM BladeCentre technology and X3650 servers that will provide significant savings on power and cooling, lowering total cost of ownership (TCO), and increasing productivity, making IBM’s infrastructure technology the right choice for HFCL to go green. IBM demonstrated for HFCL how IBM BladeCenter technology can help reduce costs while being energy efficient. IBM BladeCenter technology uses up to 50 percent less floor space and up to 35 percent less energy than competitor rack servers without compromising performance. ” …

Via IBM: Go Green and Reduce Operational Cost

Data Center Cooling Efficiency

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Data Center cooling efficiency
University of Arizona is committed to energy efficiency in its computing resources. …

… “The Altix ICE system’s water-chilled racks conserve energy and greatly reduce electrical costs associated with the data center’s cooling. ” …

Via Computer Technology Review: University of Arizona

Rack Design Cooling Efficiency

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