Educate the Organization on PC Energy Saving Options

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Have you deployed hundreds or thousands of PCs and laptops throughout your enterprise?  Make sure your organization knows the basics, so that they can make appropriate power saving decisions.  Simple behavior changes will contribute to the sustainability of your enterprise.  …

…   “Hibernate mode, by contrast, takes a snapshot of everything you have in RAM and writes it to a special hard disk file. Hibernate mode then turns your computer off entirely … “   …

Via Newsfactor: PC Power Saving.

Mode Nap Improve Processor Efficiency

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Power7 processor implements Modes to lower frequency and Nap to stop power consumption, driving processor efficiency specs. …IBM Power7

… “Power Saver Mode or Dynamic Power Saver Mode: These modes can halve processor frequency to reduce energy use, or modulate voltage and frequency to optimize processor and system energy use; Processor Core Nap: A low power mode in which the hardware stops processor core execution by locking most of the circuits inside the core in the absence of workload. ” …

Via IBM: POWER7 Systems First in Class to Meet ENERGY STAR