Facebook Data Center Power Distribution

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Facebook will drive efficiency into its data center using techniques practiced at Google. …

… “Facebook says it’s streamlining its servers, and also plans to adopt a novel power distribution design pioneered by Google. ” …

Via Data Center Knowledge: Facebook Data Center

Emerson Network Power on Data Center Best Practices

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Energy Efficient Power System for SuperNAP Data Center

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SuperNAP will use APC efficient power supplies
SuperNAP data center will leverage APC’s Symmetra uninterruptible power systems to provide 84 MVA of power and efficient power distribution units will supply the server racks. …

… “SuperNAP is situated several miles from downtown Las Vegas, an ideal location given both the large power quantities available to the facility and the favorable environment that eliminates the potential for a natural disaster. Unlike most centers of its kind, SuperNAP does not rely on raised floors or liquid cooling systems to cool its equipment; the facility utilizes a patented, industry leading HVAC design that allows it to provide as much as 1,500 watts per square foot – more than three times the industry standard.

APC Applications Engineers, along with Dennis Strieter, LDP Associates, the APC Manufacturers’ Representative, assisted in the design and implementation of SuperNAP’s tri-redundant power distribution system, installing three grids each contains color-coded equipment. The color-coding system ensures everyone has visibility into the power dependence throughout the facility. The colors red, blue, and gray represent the three independent sources and everything from the service entrance to the receptacles that feed the individual racks are painted to match the respective feed. ” …

Via APC by Schneider Electric: World’s Highest Density Data Center