Cacti monitors data center temperature

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List of popular data center utilities, includes monitoring software such as Cacti, which can poll, acquire data, and graph the results for management analysis and action.  …

…   “This setup helps managers monitor performance, server load, temperature and other variables.”   …

via Computerworld: Data center utilities recommendations.

Cacti solution.

Temperature sensor graphs using Cacti.

Modius Data Center Monitoring

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Data Center Wireless Monitoring

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Data Center Health Monitoring

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IBM offers data center monitoring capabilities via the cloud, with scalable services based on company need and size. …

… “When the service detects a potential problem – such as running out of resource capacity – it automatically alerts IT operations and displays the relevant information in a dashboard to help analyze and correct the issue. Using IBM’s autonomic computing capabilities, the service can be programmed to automate certain tasks that enable the affected system to self-heal when faced with certain issues. ” …

Via IBM: Monitor Data Center with Cloud Service

Detect and Respond to Data Center Energy Issues

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PC Power Management: Just Do It

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When it comes to efficient and sustainable information technology, the Department of Energy must eat its own dog food and commit to action. An audit of its facilities shows that it is not in compliance with its own guidance. …

… “The Department had not fully reduced energy consumed by its desktop and laptop computers through implementation of power management settings such as shutting down monitors, enabling computer standby, and placing a computer into hibernation when not in use. Although the Code of Federal Regulations and Executive Order 13423 – Strengthening Federal Environment, Energy, and Transportation Management – require Federal agencies to enable power management features on computers and monitors, we found that none of the seven sites reviewed had ensured that these settings were in place. ” …

Via Department of Energy: Department of Energy Efforts to Manage Information Technology Resources in an Energy-Efficient and Environmentally Responsible Manner (PDF)

Data Center Monitoring

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Sustainability Dashboard Targets Enterprise PCs

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Verdiem focuses its new release of the Sustainability Dashboard on PC Power Management. The City of Chicago has piloted the software to reduce PC energy usage by over thirty percent. The system supports improved policies, that turn off monitors after a period of inactivity and suspends PCs after a specified time period. …

Sustainability Dashboard Controls

… “Verdiem’s SURVEYOR enables customers to centrally control and reduce the energy used by PCs on their network by up to 60 percent without impacting end users or IT. The new SURVEYOR Sustainability Dashboard provides a flexible and easy-to-use reporting system that monitors and graphically reports how SURVEYOR is driving bottom line improvements and positively contributes to the environment. ” …

Via Verdiem: Real Energy Cost Savings

European Union Green IT Strategies to Transform Operations to Low-Carbon

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The EU sees the information technology industry transforming to carbon footprint and energy efficiency performance through industry-developed verifiable metrics, collaborative development of best-practices and toolsets, and an implementation for transition to the future efficient state of technology operations. …

… “There exists an untapped potential for the ICT sector to focus on systemic improvements and further reduce the energy consumption of its own processes (including operations, manufacturing, service delivery and the supply chain). If the sector were to adopt a more systematic approach to monitoring and measuring energy consumption at every step in a process, it could generate verifiable and comparable data, allowing it to identify opportunities for improvement, and to develop and apply solutions. ” …

Via EU: Mobilise the Information and Communication Technologies Sector to facilitate the transition to an energy-efficient, low-carbon economy (PDF)

Microsoft Research Sensors Monitor Energy Usage

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Sensor research
Microsoft researchers develop sensors to monitor and optimize energy use in data centers. …

… “The advent of large datacenters that underpin cloud-based computing services make energy-efficient computing is increasingly important. Using technology developed by Microsoft Research, Microsoft is deploying tiny sensors throughout its datacenters to capture data that will allow it to better regulate energy consumption and reduce their carbon footprint. ” …

Via Microsoft Research: Technology Breakthroughs