GE LEED Platinum Data Center Increases Server Density

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GE’s Appliances & Lighting Division achieves LEED Platinum level at its new data center in Louisville, Ky.  The facility’s design, construction and operation are focused on reducing data center energy consumption and lowering the building’s environmental footprint.  …

  • In addition to installing innovative, high-efficiency cooling systems, GE is installing high-density servers to pack more computing power per square foot, reducing the size of the data center floor by half compared to the data center it replaces. This means that less energy is needed to cool the space.
  • GE is reducing water consumption inside the building by 42 percent compared to the industry baseline7 by installing ultra low-flow fixtures. Outside the building, GE is reducing water consumption by 100 percent.8
  • GE has offset 35 percent of the data center’s predicted annual energy consumption through the purchase of off-site renewable energy.

ACT LEED Platinum Data Center

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ACT’s new data center has achieved LEED Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, which is the first LEED Platinum certified data center in the nation and in Iowa. …

… “A great example is ACT‘s energy-efficient geothermal system which is unique among data centers. Geothermal has traditionally not been compatible with data centers, since they constantly reject heat and would quickly heat saturate the ground. Project engineers developed an innovative design that made geothermal viable for ACT’s data center. Geothermal also provides an extremely resilient system because the heat transfer loops are buried in the ground and the remainder of the equipment resides within the tornado resistant facility. As a result, the system provides a cooling source that is fully protected from 250 mph wind speed, projectiles, and vandalism. Further, a separate highly energy efficient system incorporating dry coolers provides redundancy for the primary geothermal loop. The dry cooler system can be used as backup or when cold Iowa outdoor conditions make using it more efficient than using the ground-source system. ” …

Via ACT: First LEED Platinum Level Data Center

Hybrid Air Conditioning for Sustainable Building at SAP Campus

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SAP and FXFOWLE Architects collaborate to deliver a LEED Platinum office building that was built using sustainable practices and demonstrates numerous green design elements, such as a hybrid cooling system. …

… “A hybrid air conditioning system produces ice during the overnight hours when energy demands and electric rates are lowest, with the chilled water from the melting ice used to cool the building during the heat of the day. ” …

Via SAP: New LEED Platinum Building at Newtown Square PA Campus

Example hybrid air conditioning vendor:

The IceBear: “Using thermally efficient, off-peak power to produce and store energy for use the next day, Ice Energy’s Ice Bear delivers superior cooling using just a fraction of the peak energy of conventional systems. “

LEED Platinum Data Center

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Citigroup’s new Frankfurt data center has achieved LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum rating from the US Green Building Council.

… “Sustainability during the design, construction and operation phases was a primary consideration in the delivery of the 230,000-square-foot building. Its innovative design was executed with no increased cost over more conventional data centers and without adversely affecting reliability and resilience of the systems it houses. ” …

Via Citigroup: First Ever LEED Platinum Accreditation for a Data Center