IBM uses SPECint to benchmark system energy efficiency

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How should systems energy efficiency be compared?  IBM uses the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation‘s SPECint rate 2006 measure in performance per watt, which is calculated by dividing the performance from the tables on the Dare to Compare Performance webpage by the recommended maximum power usage for site planning.  …

…   “As this data below shows, using the SPECint_Rate2006 benchmark from, Power Systems are more energy efficient than the HP and Sun systems at each system level. The comparisons for the POWER7 processor based systems are particularly impressive.”   …

via IBM: Power Systems efficiency.

New York City Data Center Consolidation

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will streamline IT services and reduce energy consumption.  …

…   “Ultimately, more than 50 agency data centers will be consolidated and migrated to a modern cloud computing environment that will enable faster deployment of technology solutions to New Yorkers and the agencies that serve them.

The City expects the proposed IT infrastructure consolidation to deliver savings of up to $100 million over five years, while also improving the technology capabilities for City workers. The goal of CITIServ is to support the IT functions of all City agencies.”   …

via IBM: First Phase of New York City’s Data Center Consolidation and Modernization Program.

New York City IT Report on the Connected City (PDF).

NYC Data Infrastructure Overhaul.

IBM container data center tour

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Quick tour of IBM PMDC.

IBM Power7 energy efficiency performance

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IBM shares results of its Power7 benchmarks which incorporate the energy efficiency perspective.  …

…   “IBM has achieved the industry’s highest ever TPC-C (transaction processing) benchmark using a Power Systems configuration with DB2, hitting 10,366,254 transactions per minute, which beat HP’s best result by more than 2.5 times and Oracle’s best by more than 35%.

The IBM result represents 2.7 times better performance per core than the Oracle result, 41% better price performance, and 35% better energy efficiency per transaction.

HP’s best result is over twice as expensive per transaction as the IBM result. “   …

Via IBM: Power7 Benchmarks.

IBM BigFix Acquisition integrates energy efficiency for desktops

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IBM will acquire BigFix software, which will increase IBM’s capabilities in security, compliance, and energy management.  …

…   “Energy and Resource Consumption: Organizations can use BigFix technology to manage power consumption by being able to automatically configure and shutdown desktops overnight, helping save thousands of dollars in energy use. Clients can monitor global print usage to help reduce costs and environmental harm. “   …

Via IBM: BigFix Acquisition.

Vision and Executable Strategy for Corporate Sustainability

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IBM will collaborate with Esty and other corporate partners to develop systems and tools to enable accelerated value from sustainability.  The partnership will sustain their collaboration as the Sustainability Innovators Working Group.  …

…   “Working together, the Sustainability Innovators Working Group participants will define a new set of management systems and tools for achieving greater value from sustainability strategy.

Each company will be able to apply the best practices from this collaboration within their own organizations not only to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in their operations, but also to better identify and develop related opportunities for innovation and growth.

A starting point for the group’s work will be the recently published Harvard Business Review article (May 2010), The Sustainability Imperative, co-authored by Dan Esty and David Lubin, EEP Senior Adviser and Chairman of the Innovators Working Group.

This piece argues that companies need to have both a clear vision and a strategy for execution to deliver sustainability value. “   …

Via IBM: New Management Systems and Tools for Corporate Sustainability (Link).

Expanding service delivery centers: infrastructure performance management

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IBM adds new service delivery center to its North American facilities. …

… “The new service delivery center will primarily support IBM’s U.S. strategic outsourcing clients, providing server systems operations, security services and end-user services, including maintenance and monitoring of computer hardware and software systems. The services utilize collaborative problem solving and defect prevention processes based on service management standards. Employees will manage the servers and storage systems that are critical for assuring optimal IT infrastructure performance for IBM’s clients. ” …

Via IBM: Service Delivery Center in Missouri.

Mode Nap Improve Processor Efficiency

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Power7 processor implements Modes to lower frequency and Nap to stop power consumption, driving processor efficiency specs. …IBM Power7

… “Power Saver Mode or Dynamic Power Saver Mode: These modes can halve processor frequency to reduce energy use, or modulate voltage and frequency to optimize processor and system energy use; Processor Core Nap: A low power mode in which the hardware stops processor core execution by locking most of the circuits inside the core in the absence of workload. ” …

Via IBM: POWER7 Systems First in Class to Meet ENERGY STAR

IBM Power7 Energy Efficiency Improvements

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IBM POWER7 Systems have been optimized for workloads and improved energy efficiencies. …

… “IBM Power 770, a modular enterprise system with up to 64 POWER7 cores, featuring higher performance per core than POWER6 processors (2) and using up to 70 percent less energy for the same number of cores as the IBM Power 570. IBM Power 755, a high-performance computing cluster node with 32 POWER7 cores, Energy Star qualified for energy efficiency, and optimized for the most challenging analytic workloads. ” …

Via IBM:

Sensors Enable Data Center Efficiency

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IBM will boost data center temperature and leverage sensors to navigate optimized energy efficiency. …

… “It includes thousands of sensors that dynamically monitor temperature, humidity, air flow and circuits all of which is integrated into the building’s management and IT systems. ” …

Via Computerworld: IBM new data center

NC Cloud Data Center Delivers Energy Efficiency

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IBM green data center in North Carolina targeted for cloud computing
IBM brings data center compute capacity on-stream in North Carolina. The facility will enable cloud computing and delivers an energy efficient platform for customers. …

… “This new facility not only sets new standards for energy efficiency, but provides the flexible capacity that allows IBM to deliver services that enable clients to reduce costs, improve productivity, and gain competitive advantage in their markets. ” …

Via IBM: IBM Cloud Computing Data Center in North Carolina

Server Consolidation and Virtualization

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