Terremark fire does not effect availability

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Terremark experiences a fire and manages to maintain data center service for its customers. …

… “The incident happened at about 12:30 a.m. Friday in a basement electrical room in Data Center B, the second of the two operational facilities at the NAP of the Capital Region. ” …

Via Data Center Knowledge: Terremark Fire

Data Center: NAP of the Capital Region’s headquarters building will be home to Terremark’s newest, state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC) and conference rooms featuring advanced audiovisual and teleconferencing equipment to connect Terremark employees and customers worldwide. The building, which will also house the company’s on-campus staff, is equipped with fully redundant backup systems for power and cooling infrastructure. 

Terremark delivers government and enterprise customers a comprehensive suite of managed solutions including managed hosting, colocation, disaster recovery, security, data storage and cloud computing services.  

Emerson Network Power on Data Center Best Practices

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Energy Service Levels

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Good power management is integral to the optimal performance of the data center. …

… “What’s more, the interdependence of these SLAs adds a level of urgency since the organization that runs out of power will also likely be unable to meet performance, availability, and security requirements. ” …

Via GreenerComputing: The New SLA

Data Center Virtualization

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Sungard will support their clients green IT initiatives in the data center
Sungard positions IT services to enable the implementation of server virtualization in the green data center. …

… “Today, many organizations are investigating virtualization with an eye towards advancing data center consolidation strategies to decrease IT costs. These initiatives can also reduce power and cooling outlays, and cut data center space requirements, supporting green IT initiatives.

Companies should implement initial systems in a test and development – not production – environment and then scale systems from there. Another priority needs to be testing fail-over to a secondary site to ensure disaster recovery is working flawlessly to safeguard information availability. ” …

Via SunGard Availability Services: Data Center

Data Center Energy Efficiency Information Access

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Recommendations for collaboration between government and industry include improving information availability for energy efficiency in data centers. …

… “Improve access to information – Develop and consolidate information about technical and organizational best practices for energy efficiency in data centers; information should include analytical tools for technology, as well as financial and risk assessments; information should also include simple checklists, such as basic items to consider for new IT projects; use pilot projects and test centers to develop real data on costs and benefits. ” …

Via U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Data Center Energy Efficiency Strategy Workshop: Energy Efficiency in Data Centers: Recommendations (PDF)

Data Centre Efficiency Code

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The European Commission releases its Code of Conduct for increased energy efficiency in data centres. The code focuses on the IT load and the facility load and describes seven principles that participants should embrace. Metrics are defined, such as the data centre infrastructure efficiency index which is analogous to a yield calculation. …

… “Over provisioning, ensuring availability and associated costs were previously considered a negligible risk to business performance because energy costs were relatively small in comparison to the IT budget, and environmental responsibility was not considered to be the remit of the IT department. However, with rising energy prices this is no longer the case, and the issue of energy consumption at the individual data centre level is becoming increasingly important as operational energy expenditures and ecological impact of the energy consumed begins to play an ever important role in overall cost of ownership of data centres. ” …

Via EUROPEAN COMMISSION, Renewable Energies Unit: Code of Conduct on Data Centres Energy Efficiency

High Availability Data Center

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