Intel strategy shifts to low power

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for the desktop and mobile processor market according to CEO Paul Otellini.  …

…   “We are [moving] our center [power] point for all our [laptop and mainstream desktop designs] from the 30-40 watts to approximately 15.”   …

Via TG Daily: Intel power strategy.

HP targets data center with consulting services

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HP introduces a new consulting service for managing the design and construction of data centers, which are complex and risky projects. The companies experts are brought to bear on clients’ datacenter challenges. …

… “The HP Trusted Advisor service offers HP consulting experts who work closely with clients to consider all aspects of business operations, IT infrastructure and facilities, as well as the enablement of technologies, such as cloud and green computing. As a result, clients can establish an aligned data center and IT strategy that meets business goals and objectives. ” …

HP data center services.

Intel targets low power micro-server market with processor portfolio roadmap

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Intel describes its technology strategy for addressing the needs of the low-power micro-server market.

The processor portfolio will span 45 watts to below ten watts in the next two years.

Its lowest power highest density server solution will be based on the Atom architecture and is targeted for delivery in 2012.

Nvidia ARM energy efficient computing

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Nvidia adapts its strategy to compete in the mobile processor market with designs that minimize energy use and maximize performance.  …

…   “retain the energy-efficient characteristic of ARM and would enable a new class of personal computers that has many times less power consumption … “   …

via Venture Beat: Nvidia mobile computing.

Green IT Applications Growth Area

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Application of information technologies to address sustainability challenges remains an opportunity for growth. …

… “Software giants such as SAP and Microsoft have been making acquisitions to bolster their suite of carbon management products. From counting carbon to managing smart grids to processing consumer waste, applications for Green IT abound. ” …

Via Reuters: Green IT.

Integrated energy management for network switching

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Cisco expands its data center architecture and integrates energy management into its network switching technology.  …

…   “New Catalyst 6513-E chassis with over 2 Terabit switching capacity and Catalyst 4900 software with EnergyWise 2.0 and Trust Sec provide investment protection and continued support for both traditional and virtual data centers. ”   …

Via Cisco: Data Center Architecture Strategy.

Verizon Perspectives on Sustainable IT Practices

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Jeannie Diefenderfer, Verizon’s senior vice president of global engineering and planning, shares thoughts on the Green Grid.

Sustainability leadership commitment and green IT investment trends

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Forrester Research offers insights into the trends in green IT.  Leadership commitment through an organizational sustainability focal point is lacking.  Software purchases are increasing.  …

…   “Only 10 percent of the responding companies had a chief sustainability officer, while another 13 percent had another level executive in charge of this sort of thing.

Approximately two-thirds had no executive ownership for sustainability. “   …

Via ZDNet: Green IT Trends from Forrester Research Analysis.

Synapsense and GE to target data center energy improvements

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SynapSense Corp will enter into an investment and commercial partnership with GE in its market strategy to focus on data center energy services. …

GE, which has used SynapSense technology in many of its data centers including GE Corporate and NBC Universal since 2008, will now collaborate with SynapSense on digital energy through a commercial partnership with GE Intelligent Platforms, a high-performance technology business that provides software, hardware, services, and expertise in automation and embedded computing.

The partnership will combine SynapSense’s technology with GE Intelligent Platform’s Proficy Software and Control platform.

This combined offering will enable data center operators to optimize energy use by continuously aligning cooling capacity with changes in IT load, saving up to 35 percent of cooling costs while ensuring security, redundancy and resiliency.

GE’s Proficy software provides real-time insight on data center and other operational performance metrics to give customers information to make better business decisions.

Via GE: SynapSense Data Center Power and Cooling Strategy Cuts Costs.

Vision and Executable Strategy for Corporate Sustainability

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IBM will collaborate with Esty and other corporate partners to develop systems and tools to enable accelerated value from sustainability.  The partnership will sustain their collaboration as the Sustainability Innovators Working Group.  …

…   “Working together, the Sustainability Innovators Working Group participants will define a new set of management systems and tools for achieving greater value from sustainability strategy.

Each company will be able to apply the best practices from this collaboration within their own organizations not only to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in their operations, but also to better identify and develop related opportunities for innovation and growth.

A starting point for the group’s work will be the recently published Harvard Business Review article (May 2010), The Sustainability Imperative, co-authored by Dan Esty and David Lubin, EEP Senior Adviser and Chairman of the Innovators Working Group.

This piece argues that companies need to have both a clear vision and a strategy for execution to deliver sustainability value. “   …

Via IBM: New Management Systems and Tools for Corporate Sustainability (Link).

Business driver for electronic waste

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Electronic waste, or e-waste, should be addressed in the IT strategy since the information technology organization owns the full life-cycle of the equipment it specifies and deploys.  …

…   “The hazardous materials in the equipment not only are a blight on the environment, but also can be a public relations nightmare when pictures hit the news of toxic waste heaps being picked over by children in Third World countries.”   …

Via Search CIO: Green IT Strategy (Link).

CompTIA Strata Certification

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CompTIA offers a credential for the green IT professional that certifies your knowledge of green strategies, financial returns, e-waste disposal, and global standards. …

… “IT professionals that pass the Green IT exam validate that they have the aptitude needed to effectively implement and measure green IT programs and investments … ” …

Via CompTIA: Green IT Certification