Sustainable building kit integrated into learning center construction

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GE Crotonville Learning Center (John F. Welch Leadership Development Center) is piloting the Project Frog kit construction technology at a new building expected to be completed later this year.  GE is deploying these sustainable construction methods and investing in the company.  …

…   “Project Frog’s technology improves traditional building construction methods by combining semi-custom designs with a pre-engineered kit of energy-efficient building components.

This enables higher quality, more environmentally sustainable, faster and cheaper construction.

Through advanced performance modeling, Project Frog analyzes how its buildings will perform in each location, allowing owners to optimize a building kit to match their desired performance.

The kits are delivered to project sites ready for assembly, and typically take one to six months to construct —less than half the time required for traditional construction.

Project Frog’s buildings use at least 25 percent less energy than the strictest building codes in the United States, and as much as 80 percent less energy in certain parts of the country.

Project Frog manufactures its commercial building systems for educational and government organizations, healthcare offices and retail spaces.”   …

Project Frog is on a mission to revolutionize the way buildings are created by applying technology to overcome the inefficiencies of traditional construction. The result is a structure that is measurably greener and significantly smarter; brighter, healthier spaces that inspire better performance from the people who occupy them.


GE LEED Platinum Data Center Increases Server Density

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GE’s Appliances & Lighting Division achieves LEED Platinum level at its new data center in Louisville, Ky.  The facility’s design, construction and operation are focused on reducing data center energy consumption and lowering the building’s environmental footprint.  …

  • In addition to installing innovative, high-efficiency cooling systems, GE is installing high-density servers to pack more computing power per square foot, reducing the size of the data center floor by half compared to the data center it replaces. This means that less energy is needed to cool the space.
  • GE is reducing water consumption inside the building by 42 percent compared to the industry baseline7 by installing ultra low-flow fixtures. Outside the building, GE is reducing water consumption by 100 percent.8
  • GE has offset 35 percent of the data center’s predicted annual energy consumption through the purchase of off-site renewable energy.

eBay’s Topaz Data Center reduces power consumption

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eBay’s strategic infrastructure project pursues reliable, continuous power delivery in the data center with reduced energy usage.  Triple redundancy is built into the PLC system where a voting algorithm monitors the state of devices.  …

As a result of the design and construction efforts and the subsequent power usage savings, the Topaz facility achieved a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold rating in 2010.

The Quad PAC solution features Smart Redundancy, an algorithm that continually calculates the relative system availability in real time and delivers predictive analysis on key process input variables. A quad redundancy control system has a Master Controller and three synchronized backup controllers.

It leverages Ethernet-based I/O devices that can seamlessly arbitrate its control from one of the four controllers in the system. If the Master Controller, or any of the system components fail, the system identifies the best backup controller to take over and provides the system with the most capability to withstand the next sequence of multiple or cascaded system failures.

via GE: GE Quad PAC Redundancy Control Solution.

Synapsense and GE to target data center energy improvements

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SynapSense Corp will enter into an investment and commercial partnership with GE in its market strategy to focus on data center energy services. …

GE, which has used SynapSense technology in many of its data centers including GE Corporate and NBC Universal since 2008, will now collaborate with SynapSense on digital energy through a commercial partnership with GE Intelligent Platforms, a high-performance technology business that provides software, hardware, services, and expertise in automation and embedded computing.

The partnership will combine SynapSense’s technology with GE Intelligent Platform’s Proficy Software and Control platform.

This combined offering will enable data center operators to optimize energy use by continuously aligning cooling capacity with changes in IT load, saving up to 35 percent of cooling costs while ensuring security, redundancy and resiliency.

GE’s Proficy software provides real-time insight on data center and other operational performance metrics to give customers information to make better business decisions.

Via GE: SynapSense Data Center Power and Cooling Strategy Cuts Costs.

GE Data Center Dashboard

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GE showcases the company’s energy efficiency talents in its corporate data center. The green data center benefits from an energy dashboard that identifies opportunities for improvement. …

… “GE’s Ohio-based data center features 29,000 square feet of raised floor – equivalent to six professional basketball courts – and includes more than 3,800 IT systems. The data center consumes 24 million kWh of power each year. To help with the reduction of water and energy, GE is updating the data center with nearly 30 products from nine different GE businesses, including power quality, chilled water, electrical, security and IT services equipment.

The automation solution installed at the data center will provide a simple view of all operations with drill-down capabilities into specific functional elements and equipment. Through a dashboard application, the data center is provided with summary, comparative, and location operational performance data so that challenges and improvement opportunities can be quickly identified, quantified and acted upon. Compliance reporting and the ability to address future requirements, as well as provide easy modifications to these reporting needs, was a necessity. ” …

Via GE: Company Data Center

HP Solar Roof

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SunPower and GE collaborate to deliver a 1.1-megawatt solar-electric power system on the roof of the HP research and development facility in San Diego. …

HP deploys SunPower solar roof tiles in San Diego

… “At the HP San Diego facility, SunPower installed a SunPower T10 Solar Roof Tile commercial roof system, which is a non-penetrating product that tilts at a 10-degree angle to increase energy capture. The system will reduce more than 60 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions over the next 30 years, which is equivalent to providing electricity to 3800 homes or removing more than 5250 cars from the road. ” …

Via GE: SunPower and GE Partner