Calxeda EnergyCore ARM low power processor

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Calxeda delivers an energy-efficient ARM processor to the server on a chip market.  HP will integrate the processor into its low power server platforms.

…   “The EnergyCore ARM-based SoC launched today will power a completely new breed of servers.

Thanks to it’s mobile phone heritage and patent-pending innovations from Calxeda, the new processor consumes less than one tenth the power of today’s most energy efficient server processors and is ideal for workloads such as web serving, Big Data applications, scalable analytics such as Apache Hadoop, media streaming and mid-tier infrastructure such as caching and in-memory scalable databases.”   …

via Calxeda: EnergyCore processor.

Blueprint For Energy Efficiency Podcast

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Podcast interview discusses the levers for energy efficiency in the data center: virtualization, application modernization, infrastructure practices, and data center design/build techniques.

…   “podcast will help optimize your use of energy, floor space, and cooling infrastructure to lower energy costs in your data center”   …

A Blueprint For Energy Efficiency Podcast.

Tour of Facebook green data center

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Team of Facebook engineers has develop custom software, servers and data center configurations to achieve a leading energy efficiency performance.  The company has recently open sourced their technologies to advance the state of the industry.

AMD Bulldozer Boosts CPU Energy Efficiency

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AMD plans high-performance and power efficiency in its Bulldozer module.  …

… “Bulldozer, which is being built with 32-nanometer manufacturing, also promises better energy efficiency. ” …

Via eWeek: AMD Bulldozer Processor.
Bulldozer Processor Architecture.

Bulldozer details from AMD, John Fruehe.

Efficiency in Bulldozer’s Design.

IBM Power7 energy efficiency performance

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IBM shares results of its Power7 benchmarks which incorporate the energy efficiency perspective.  …

…   “IBM has achieved the industry’s highest ever TPC-C (transaction processing) benchmark using a Power Systems configuration with DB2, hitting 10,366,254 transactions per minute, which beat HP’s best result by more than 2.5 times and Oracle’s best by more than 35%.

The IBM result represents 2.7 times better performance per core than the Oracle result, 41% better price performance, and 35% better energy efficiency per transaction.

HP’s best result is over twice as expensive per transaction as the IBM result. “   …

Via IBM: Power7 Benchmarks.

Alienware laptop integrates GPU for energy efficiency

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Alienware’s M11x laptop is targeted at the gaming community and brings energy efficiency to its design with automated switching of CPU and GPU.  …

…   “Optimus is essentially an automated processor switch that will automatically alternate between your system’s integrated CPU and dedicated, or discrete, GPU to maximize performance and energy efficiency. “   …

Via IGN: Alienware M11x Laptop.

Desktop virtualization improves energy efficiency

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Virtual desktops offer additional opportunity to drive greater energy efficiency in the technology infrastructure.  …

…   “Despite these concerns, desktop virtualization represents the next major gain in data center efficiency. “   …

Via IT Business Edge: VDI.

Brocade World Class Data Center

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Michael Hirahara, Brocade Vice President of Global Real Estate, Facilities and Services discusses the design of the world-class data center at its San Jose Campus.

Oil Services Data Centre Achieves Tangible Value from Energy Efficiency

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Keysource collaborates with Petroleum GeoServices to implement ecofris data centre cooling technology, which results in significant tangible energy efficiency benefits.  …

…   “Initial results confirm that the data centre has achieved a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratio – an energy calculation recommended by industry sponsored organisation Green Grid – of 1.2 compared to a typical UK figure for a conventionally designed data centre of 2.2. “   …

Via Keysource: Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) data centre case study (PDF).

Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) offers a broad range of products including; seismic and electromagnetic services, data acquisition, processing, reservoir analysis/interpretation and multi-client library data.

Dell datacenter energy efficiency capabilities in new solutions

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Dell datacenter solutions integrate energy efficiency capabilities. …

… “The M1000e chassis is enhanced with next generation power supplies, ultra-efficient fans, and bare metal chassis management tools to help facilitate blade energy efficiency and exceptional performance per watt, as well as setting new standards for usability and manageability. ” …

Via Dell: Data Center Solutions (Link).

EPA Energy Star Label for Data Centers requires top quartile efficiency performance

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has made the Energy Star label attainable for stand-alone data centers and buildings that house large data centers.  To achieve the Energy Star rating, data centers must achieve the top quartile (25 percent of their peers) of energy efficiency using the EPA energy performance scale. Data center energy efficiency will translate into financial savings and a smaller carbon footprint.  …

…   “EPA uses a commonly accepted measure for energy efficiency, the Power Usage Effectiveness metric, to determine whether a data center qualifies for the Energy Star label. Before being awarded the Energy Star, a licensed professional must independently verify the energy performance of these buildings and sign and seal the application document that is sent to EPA for review and approval.

Data centers are found in nearly every sector of the economy and deliver vital information technology services, including data storage, communications and internet accessibility.

Data centers use a significant amount of energy, accounting for 1.5 percent of total U.S. electricity consumption at a cost of $4.5 billion annually, an amount that is expected to almost double over the next five years.

Significant energy and cost savings are possible through modest gains in efficiency. The energy consumed by data centers is growing every year. “   …

Via EPA: Energy Star Label (Link).

References for starting your data center efficiency program and developing the roadmap for Energy Star rating.  …

  • Data Center Energy Efficiency Principles (PDF).
  • Guidance for energy management programs (Link). 
  • Data Center Benchmarking (Link).

Energy efficiency in data centers

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can be enabled through adoption of standard definitions for productivity.  Labels such as EnergyStar can be susceptible to eligibility-creep, which results undifferentiated products.  …

…   “It is difficult to define energy efficiency for a complex system such as a data center or a server. Energy efficient is usually defined based on the delivery of the same or better service output with less energy input, but for servers and data centers service output is difficult to measure and varies among applications. Data center operators need standard definitions of productivity in order to purchase energy-efficient equipment, operate it in an optimal way, and design and operate the buildings to house it. “   …

Via EPA: Server and Data Center Energy Efficiency (PDF).