Data center SmartAisle configuration uses cold aisle with row cooling

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Data Center Monitoring

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Emerson Avocent Acqusition Drives Data Center Energy Efficiency Solutions

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Avocent agrees to be acquired by Emerson, which will enable an integrated solutions approach to data center energy management. …

… “Combining Avocent’s technologies, relationships and installed base with Emerson’s power and cooling presence allows us to offer a more compelling solution to our data center customers’ most pressing challenge — energy efficiency, said David N. Farr, Emerson chairman, CEO and president. It furthers our customers’ ability to better manage reliability, availability and lifecycle costs through a simple yet comprehensive view of the complete data center physical infrastructure. ” …

Via Emerson: Avocent Acquisition

Adaptive Power Conversion

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Emerson Data Center Tour

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Emerson Network Power on Data Center Best Practices

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Emerson St Louis Data Center Capacity Planning

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Emerson Sustainable Data Center Strategy

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Emerson celebrates the opening of its green data center in St. Louis, Missouri and its technology applications will begin serving users in August. The data center power requirements are served by a rooftop solar array. …

Emerson opens its green data center in Missouri

… “The data center features a 7,800-square-foot rooftop solar array – the largest in Missouri. The more than 550 solar panels can generate 100 kilowatts of energy, or enough to power the average American home for more than three days. Emerson anticipates the center will have 99.982 percent uptime, which is critical for a company that has operations across more than 200 manufacturing locations around the world. In addition to energy efficiency, construction of the data center was completed with environmental responsibility in mind. Approximately 80 percent of the construction waste generated was diverted from landfills through recycling, and innovative design features enabled Emerson to save more than 2.5 miles of copper piping, minimizing the use of excess materials. ” …

Via Emerson: Global Data Center in St. Louis

Chilled Water Data Center Cooling

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Data Center Power Flow Measurement

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Emerson data center power savings
Emerson leader shares insights on identifying power savings opportunities in the data center. …

… “Our cascade chart shows all these steps, he added. If you walk through with the right set of eyes and instruments, it is easy to identify places to save energy. There is so much low-hanging fruit out there. ” …

Via Telephony Online: Tracking data center power

Emerson Data Center Consolidation

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Emerson will build a multi-million dollar data center in its St. Louis campus supporting the consolidation of its global data centers and showcasing its energy efficient design features. …

… “The 35,000-square-foot facility, scheduled to open next summer, will use the latest technologies from Emerson Network Power. The new data center will serve as a showcase for other data center developers facing the same challenge: using the significant energy these facilities require as efficiently as possible while achieving 100 percent reliability on a massive scale. ” …

Via Emerson: Innovative, Efficient Products and Approach in New, State-of-the-Art Global Data Center