Updated metrics for datacenter efficiency measurements

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The Green Grid has posted updated guidelines for applying its PUE, or Power Usage Effectiveness, metric.  The update includes specific recommendations for how to measure and calculate PUE in mixed-use data center facilities and introduces a condenser water source energy weighting factor.

Enhanced principles are introduced into the measurement definitions:

…   “When calculating PUE, IT energy consumption should, at a minimum, be measured at the output of the uninterruptible power supply (UPS). However, the industry will continue to improve measurement capabilities so that measurement of IT energy consumption directly at the IT load (e.g., servers, storage, network, etc.) becomes the common practice.”   …


Facebook Open Compute Project Hacks Infrastructure for Energy Efficiency

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Facebook’s Prineville data center has reduced its energy consumption by 38 percent and delivers the same work as the company’s existing facilities.

Facebook is sharing its achievements through the Open Compute Project to collaborate with the technology industry on sustainable practices in the green data center.  …

…   “As a first step, we are publishing specifications and mechanical designs for the hardware used in our data center, including motherboards, power supply, server chassis, server rack, and battery cabinets.

In addition, we’re sharing our data center electrical and mechanical construction specifications.

This technology enabled the Prineville data center to achieve an initial power usage effectiveness (PUE) ratio of 1.07, compared with an average of 1.5 for our existing facilities.”   …

Via Facebook: Efficient Data Centers.

MLS applies AMD-based servers to increase data center energy efficiency

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MLS power efficiency lowers cooling costs.

Energy efficiency in data centers

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can be enabled through adoption of standard definitions for productivity.  Labels such as EnergyStar can be susceptible to eligibility-creep, which results undifferentiated products.  …

…   “It is difficult to define energy efficiency for a complex system such as a data center or a server. Energy efficient is usually defined based on the delivery of the same or better service output with less energy input, but for servers and data centers service output is difficult to measure and varies among applications. Data center operators need standard definitions of productivity in order to purchase energy-efficient equipment, operate it in an optimal way, and design and operate the buildings to house it. “   …

Via EPA: Server and Data Center Energy Efficiency (PDF).

Data center survival of the fittest

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Insights on eBay cultural change to embrace energy efficiency in the data center …

That’s when eBay started thinking about its data centers in a very different way, not as something that supports the business but as something that IS the business.

Via ZDNet: Data center efficiency

Data Center ASHRAE Prescriptive Cooling System Energy Efficiency

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Google and its industry peers react to ASHRAE cooling standard for data centers. …

… “Unfortunately, the proposed ASHRAE standard is far too prescriptive. Instead of setting a required level of efficiency for the cooling system as a whole, the standard dictates which types of cooling methods must be used. For example, the standard requires data centers to use economizers — systems that use ambient air for cooling. In many cases, economizers are a great way to cool a data center (in fact, many of our companies’ data centers use them extensively), but simply requiring their use doesn’t guarantee an efficient system, and they may not be the best choice. Future cooling methods may achieve the same or better results without the use of economizers altogether. An efficiency standard should not prohibit such innovation. ” …

Via Google: Setting efficiency goals for data centers

Data Center Energy Efficiency Leadership

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State of New York will incentivize data center energy efficiencies through its leadership recognition program. …

… “award will recognize a New York State organization that demonstrates leadership in pursuing energy efficiency in its data center through the development and implementation of energy efficiency measures and policies. Applications are due by 5 p.m. EST on April 29, 2010. ” …

Via NYSERDA: Existing Facilities Industrial Process Efficiency

Sustainability Projects at Salesforce dot com

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Getting to the core of data center energy efficiency, Salesforce dot com goes beyond the low hanging fruit to integrated environmental improvement. …

… “Both projects speak to the in-depth research and planning that is required to integrate environmental factors into the corporate decision-making process. ” …

Via Reuters: Data Center Efficiency

Xcel Energy Data Center Efficiency Program Created to Reduce Energy Consumption

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Xcel Energy creates a call-to-action for Information Technology managers to make data center energy efficiency a priority, by offering cash rebates energy studies and efficiency improvements. The company will support investment in more efficient servers, virtualization software to drive utilization rates, air flow and cooling optimization, etc. …

Xcel Energy Data Center Efficiency rebates planned

… “Xcel Energy will fund a portion of the study and pay rebates as projects are completed. An approved third-party vendor will conduct an on-site energy evaluation and make recommendations on energy savings, help outline a business case for energy-efficiency investments and detail how to best run the data center at peak efficiency. ” …

Via Xcel Energy: Data Center Efficiency program