Tour of Facebook green data center

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Team of Facebook engineers has develop custom software, servers and data center configurations to achieve a leading energy efficiency performance.  The company has recently open sourced their technologies to advance the state of the industry.

Facebook Open Compute Project Hacks Infrastructure for Energy Efficiency

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Facebook’s Prineville data center has reduced its energy consumption by 38 percent and delivers the same work as the company’s existing facilities.

Facebook is sharing its achievements through the Open Compute Project to collaborate with the technology industry on sustainable practices in the green data center.  …

…   “As a first step, we are publishing specifications and mechanical designs for the hardware used in our data center, including motherboards, power supply, server chassis, server rack, and battery cabinets.

In addition, we’re sharing our data center electrical and mechanical construction specifications.

This technology enabled the Prineville data center to achieve an initial power usage effectiveness (PUE) ratio of 1.07, compared with an average of 1.5 for our existing facilities.”   …

Via Facebook: Efficient Data Centers.

Integrated energy management for network switching

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Cisco expands its data center architecture and integrates energy management into its network switching technology.  …

…   “New Catalyst 6513-E chassis with over 2 Terabit switching capacity and Catalyst 4900 software with EnergyWise 2.0 and Trust Sec provide investment protection and continued support for both traditional and virtual data centers. ”   …

Via Cisco: Data Center Architecture Strategy.

Existing Data Center Facility PUE Improvements

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Consonus deploys internal green technology program to drive efficiency into its data center operations, with impressive results for an existing data center.  …

…   “The 15-year-old facility achieved an impressive PUE rating — a product of energy efficiency efforts implemented by Consonus over the past year. 

The industry average is typically between 2.0 and 2.2; Consonus’ West Data Center PUE score was considerably lower at 1.35. 

The fact that we were able to significantly improve the PUE score of an existing facility debunks a common myth shared by many — that these scores are only achievable in new facilities, said Daniel Milburn, senior vice president and chief operating officer of hosting and infrastructure services for Consonus. “   …

Via Consonus Technologies: Data Center PUE Rating.

Microsoft Virginia Data Center Advanced Cooling Mechanics

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Governor discusses Microsoft data center investment in Virginia, which will deploy sustainable designs in cooling and other operations technologies.  …

…   “Microsoft Corp. will invest up to $499 million to locate their latest generation data center (Gen4) in Mecklenburg County, in what will be the largest economic investment in Southern Virginia history. 

Using modular technology and advanced cooling mechanics, the center will be Microsoft’s most advanced data center.

The project will create 50 new jobs and Virginia successfully competed against North Carolina and Texas to secure this sought after facility. “   …

Via Virginia Governor Robert McDonnell: Microsoft Data Center.

Microsoft Generation 4 Data Center.

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Schneider Electric St Louis, Missouri Data Center

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Twitter Adds Data Center Capacity

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Twitter invests in dedicated data center capacity with a larger footprint in the Salt Lake City area.  …

…   “Twitter’s custom data center is built for high availability and redundancy in our network and systems infrastructure.

This first Twitter managed data center is being designed with a multi-homed network solution for greater reliability and capacity.

We will continue to work with NTT America to operate our current footprint, and plan to bring additional Twitter managed data centers online over the next 24 months. “   …

Via Twitter: Datacenter.

Green Grid Data Center Energy Measurement Recommendation Open for Comments

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Green Grid and industry task force have collaborated to assemble a set of recommendations on measuring and publishing values for PUE at data center facilities.

Data Center Efficiency Recommendations (PDF).

Energy proportional data centers optimize power consumption

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Google research looks to develop energy proportional data centers that throttle power based on network utilization.  The technique involves modifying the network topology and dynamically tuning network switches.  …

…   “the authors suggest several ways to build data center networks that use power in proportion to the volume of data being transmitted, rather than running at high-power during periods of both high and low utilization. ”   …

Via Information Week: Google data center research.

Energy resource management in the datacenter

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Viridity software deployed for energy efficiency in the data center.

Modular cooling systems in the data center

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Modular cooling has can reduce energy consumption significantly while offering a coefficient of performance (COP) much higher than current approaches. …

Green data centers powered by dairy farm generated biogas

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HP positions green data centers for future location with dairy farms.  …

…   “The company released a paper this week detailing how colocated data centers and dairy farms could work together to leverage one another’s waste: Biogas derived from the cow manure could generate electricity for the data center. “   …

Via InfoWorld: Cow Poop Put to Use ….