Vision and Executable Strategy for Corporate Sustainability

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IBM will collaborate with Esty and other corporate partners to develop systems and tools to enable accelerated value from sustainability.  The partnership will sustain their collaboration as the Sustainability Innovators Working Group.  …

…   “Working together, the Sustainability Innovators Working Group participants will define a new set of management systems and tools for achieving greater value from sustainability strategy.

Each company will be able to apply the best practices from this collaboration within their own organizations not only to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in their operations, but also to better identify and develop related opportunities for innovation and growth.

A starting point for the group’s work will be the recently published Harvard Business Review article (May 2010), The Sustainability Imperative, co-authored by Dan Esty and David Lubin, EEP Senior Adviser and Chairman of the Innovators Working Group.

This piece argues that companies need to have both a clear vision and a strategy for execution to deliver sustainability value. “   …

Via IBM: New Management Systems and Tools for Corporate Sustainability (Link).

Green Advocates

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Study provides insights in the sustainable thinking of mid-market leaders, where advocacy for green pursuits is integrated across lines of business and functions, such as information technology. …

… “Green Advocates (25% of companies in the study): These companies integrate environmental considerations into all areas of their business, including IT.” …

Via Industry Week: Midmarket Companies Green Strategies

UPS Sustainability Efforts Achieve Data Center Savings

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UPS takes sustainability personally. The company has published its Corporate Sustainability report and provide transparency to the actions it is taking to transform its carbon footprint. The company has already seen the benefits of data center efficiency through implementation of opportunities, classified as “low-hanging fruit”. Expect UPS to continue to raise the bar and be an industry champion for sustainable development. …

UPS Sustainability Program provide report on performance to date

… “We have managed to reduce annual electricity consumption by nearly three million kilowatt hours at Windward Data Center through innovative use of simple but powerful elements: air and water. In one case we re-engineered airflow to adjust hydrostatic pressure and keep cool air where it belonged: surrounding the server racks. That change alone produced a saving of 1.5 million kilowatt hours of electricity. ” …

Via UPS: Corporate Sustainability Report (PDF)

United Parcel Service (UPS) Insights via New Georgia Encyclopedia: “The UPS Windward data center, located in southern Forsyth County, is the central nervous system of UPS’s global technology infrastructure. “

Green IT Strategy

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Aberdeen research sees increasing trends in green IT solutions and green IT strategy, driven by corporate sustainability drivers. …

… “IT has begun to examine its role in the larger organization relative to corporate responsibility and to implement strategies that not only decrease consumption and optimize performance, but also catalyze the proper management and achievement of overall corporate sustainability goals. ” …

Via Aberdeen Group: Green IT Ecosystem

GE Data Center Dashboard

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GE showcases the company’s energy efficiency talents in its corporate data center. The green data center benefits from an energy dashboard that identifies opportunities for improvement. …

… “GE’s Ohio-based data center features 29,000 square feet of raised floor – equivalent to six professional basketball courts – and includes more than 3,800 IT systems. The data center consumes 24 million kWh of power each year. To help with the reduction of water and energy, GE is updating the data center with nearly 30 products from nine different GE businesses, including power quality, chilled water, electrical, security and IT services equipment.

The automation solution installed at the data center will provide a simple view of all operations with drill-down capabilities into specific functional elements and equipment. Through a dashboard application, the data center is provided with summary, comparative, and location operational performance data so that challenges and improvement opportunities can be quickly identified, quantified and acted upon. Compliance reporting and the ability to address future requirements, as well as provide easy modifications to these reporting needs, was a necessity. ” …

Via GE: Company Data Center

Sustainability Through Collaboration

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SAP seeks collaborative innovation on sustainability
SAP publishes its first corporate report, discussing its products, services, and enterprise strategies enabling sustainability. The company is engaging its customers and community is a discussion on sustainable innovations. …

… “Based on its successful working model of collaboration and co-innovation – and acknowledging that the topic of sustainability requires both transparency and stakeholder engagement – SAP has issued an open call for dialogue to define the company’s top corporate sustainability issues, as well as product and service solutions. Using Web 2.0 tools, SAP is fostering an exchange with key stakeholders to challenge and guide SAP’s approach to sustainability … ” …

Via SAP: Sustainability Report

SAP Sustainability Survey Results.

SAP Sustainability Feed.