IBM container data center tour

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Quick tour of IBM PMDC.

Container Data Center 1.0 Project

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Taiwanese institute, the Industrial Technology Research Institute, is focusing its energies on the development of an energy efficient, standardized container data center that can serve the needs of the cloud. …

… “The Taiwanese initiative aims to make containerized data centers a standardized product, the same kind of standardization that has slashed the price of PCs over the past few decades. ” …

Via PC World: Container Computer.

HP Container Data Center

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HP POD Energy Efficient

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HP container data center delivers marked improvement in power consumption with fast deployment. …

… “HP estimates that the new POD (2,000 square feet data center capability) can improve energy efficiency by almost 50 percent … ” …

Via ZDNet: HP green data center offering

Japan Green Data Center Unit will pilot Ambient Air Cooling

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Internet Initiative Japan is conducting a data center proof of concept to trial container data center with ambient air cooling system. …

… “They will build a modular data center with a cooling system that directly uses outside air, and operate it for one year starting in February 2010, with the aim of commercialization. ” …

Via : Next-Generation Eco-Data Center

IIJ Data Center Proof-of-Concept: “with the trend in the United States away from water-cooled systems and towards the more energy-efficient outside-air-cooled systems, they realized that they could not focus solely on one single method geared towards environmental measures and improved power efficiency.”

Gen4 Data Center

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Google Container Data Center

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