New York City Data Center Consolidation

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will streamline IT services and reduce energy consumption.  …

…   “Ultimately, more than 50 agency data centers will be consolidated and migrated to a modern cloud computing environment that will enable faster deployment of technology solutions to New Yorkers and the agencies that serve them.

The City expects the proposed IT infrastructure consolidation to deliver savings of up to $100 million over five years, while also improving the technology capabilities for City workers. The goal of CITIServ is to support the IT functions of all City agencies.”   …

via IBM: First Phase of New York City’s Data Center Consolidation and Modernization Program.

New York City IT Report on the Connected City (PDF).

NYC Data Infrastructure Overhaul.

NYC Data Center Consolidation Reduces Redundancy and Improves Energy Efficiency

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Mayor Bloomberg and New York City CIO plan to consolidate their data centers to drive operational and energy efficiency while boosting service. …

… “The City’s current IT infrastructure is highly-fragmented, with more than 50 unique data centers now serving nearly four dozen City entities – many of which are located in prime commercial real estate space. The vast majority of these facilities, and the technologies within them, are obsolete, and having dozens of City entities employ the varied capital and skill sets necessary to maintain individual data centers is an inefficient use of resources.

In his State of the City speech, Mayor Bloomberg pledged to achieve cost savings by reducing redundancies within City agencies, including information technology resources. An initial step toward that goal, and consistent with a key recommendation in the 30-Day Report, is the Citywide IT Infrastructure Services program (CITIServ). ” …


Internap NYC Green Data Center Expansion

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Internap Network Services is implementing green initiatives in conjunction with its expansion of the company’s New York City data center. …

… “The Manhattan facility has been fitted with an ultrasonic humidification system, which uses less energy than traditional methods for balancing humidity. Energy-efficient electronically commutated (EC) fans and variable frequency drives (VFDs) within the air conditioning systems were also installed. EC fans provide an immediate energy savings of up to 30 percent over units using conventional technology, while VFDs adjust motor speed to better match output requirements, resulting in further energy savings.” …

Via Internap: Green Data Center Push with New York City Facility