Calxeda EnergyCore ARM low power processor

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Calxeda delivers an energy-efficient ARM processor to the server on a chip market.  HP will integrate the processor into its low power server platforms.

…   “The EnergyCore ARM-based SoC launched today will power a completely new breed of servers.

Thanks to it’s mobile phone heritage and patent-pending innovations from Calxeda, the new processor consumes less than one tenth the power of today’s most energy efficient server processors and is ideal for workloads such as web serving, Big Data applications, scalable analytics such as Apache Hadoop, media streaming and mid-tier infrastructure such as caching and in-memory scalable databases.”   …

via Calxeda: EnergyCore processor.

ARM low power foundation

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ARM sees success with its business model and chip design, which has strengths in low power consumption.  …

…   “Energy has replaced horsepower as the prime concern, and it is here, ARM executives said, that the company’s skills will really shine. “   …

Via New York Times: ARM Chips.