CA Sustainability ecoSoftware Solution tracks datacenter energy performance

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CA enhances its ecoSoftware product with reporting and forecasting tools to assess enterprise progress in meeting sustainability objectives.  Clients can use the software to manage the governance of their carbon footprint program as the business model shifts.  CA’s tool is available in multiple languages, supports multi-currency environments, and integrates with EPA EnergyStar program to foster benchmarking.  …

…   “CA ecoSoftware’s enhanced reporting and forecasting capabilities can help organizations manage increasingly complex sustainability programs and meet stringent reporting requirements.

With technology designed to streamline the integration between CA ecoSoftware and other systems, this latest sustainability management solution version from CA Technologies can help organizations reduce costs and improve overall energy efficiency.

CA ecoSoftware 2.0 includes enhancements to CA ecoGovernance, CA Technologies SaaS-based sustainability and carbon management solution, and CA ecoMeter, its operational energy management solution.

In addition, with CA ecoSoftware, organizations can take advantage of enhanced forecasting and scenario modeling tools, helping sustainability managers to review forecasted outcomes and fine-tune investment levels.

This allows users to better align and prioritize activity against their investment and business objectives.

Using visual dashboards, data center and facilities managers can monitor energy efficiency trends, including historical PUE and DCiE metrics, for insight into how these calculated metrics vary over time, such as days, weeks or months.

This insight can facilitate better decision-making and lead to improvements in overall energy efficiency and waste reduction. The CA ecoMeter calculation engine can be used by customers to create new formula-based attributes and metrics which can then be monitored, based on evolving business needs. “   …

Via CA Technologies: Sustainability Solution (Release).

Calculate Green IT CO2 Impact

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Entuity has launched its Green IT Calculator, which enables an enterprise to understand its green IT opportunity and potential carbon footprint improvement. …

Savings calculator

… “Entuity’s Green IT Calculator quantifies the environmental impact a green IT strategy could have via CO2 reduction metrics and what those savings would equate to in terms of number of cars taken off the road and acres of forest saved. ” …

Via Entuity: Calculator

Data Center Energy Efficiency Information Access

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Recommendations for collaboration between government and industry include improving information availability for energy efficiency in data centers. …

… “Improve access to information – Develop and consolidate information about technical and organizational best practices for energy efficiency in data centers; information should include analytical tools for technology, as well as financial and risk assessments; information should also include simple checklists, such as basic items to consider for new IT projects; use pilot projects and test centers to develop real data on costs and benefits. ” …

Via U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Data Center Energy Efficiency Strategy Workshop: Energy Efficiency in Data Centers: Recommendations (PDF)