Air economizers optimize power and cooling

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for Intel data centers. …

Intel used a proof of concept pilot test of 100% air exchange over a 10-month period with full range in temperature, humidity and air quality. The pilot delivered data center power savings of 67 percent.

UMass Medical Green Data Center Recognition

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UMass Medical is recognized by State of Massachusetts for its sustainability achievements.  …

…   “Opening a new green data center that uses 40 percent less energy than the old system. … “   …

Via Worcester Business Journal: Sustainability Recognition.

The green data center design includes use of ambient air for cooling.  …

…   “Additional reductions in energy consumption will be achieved by employing air-side economizing technology, which uses outdoor air for cooling the indoor space. Thus, chilled water for air conditioning will be required only during 25 percent of the year. “   …

Via UMass Med: Data Center Energy Efficiency.

Brocade Custom In-Row Cooling System Enables Green Data Center

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Custom Mechanical Systems and Critchfield Mechanical collaborate to create advanced in-row cooling technology installation for Brocade’s green data center in San Jose.  …

…   “The Brocade San Jose-based data center incorporates technology from CMS and CMI that provides a cutting-edge in-row cooling system with water-side economizer to minimize fan usage and maximize efficiency, saving half a megawatt of energy at full build-out. 

The custom cooling system from CMS and CMI has played a key role in the Brocade data center, featuring fan efficiencies superior to all other cooling options available on the market today.  

Brocade’s data center and its use of custom in-row cooling units, coupled with a highly efficient chilled water plant inclusive of a water-side economizer, provides a mechanical system with a power usage effectiveness (PUE) of less than 1.3. 

Data centers of this size typically have a PUE of greater than 1.5. 

To ensure a fully-customizable and flexible product, multiple iterations of the design were produced in order to meet Brocade’s specifications; 

CMS also worked with the construction team to design features that will simplify maintenance and improve reliability. 

These features include:

  • variable speed ECM motors, 
  • fan redundancy, and a 
  • low-cost maintenance design. ”   …

Via Custom Mechanical Systems: Brocade San Jose Data Center.

Custom Mechanical Systems.

Critchfield Mechanical.

In-Row Cooling and Water Economizer Enables Green Data Center Design

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Brocade integrates green technology into its new datacenter design in San Jose.  …

… “opted for in-row cooling technology, developed by Custom Mechanical Systems, along with water-side economizer technology to help minimize fan usage … ” …

Via ZDNet: Brocade Data Center.

Custom Mechanical Systems.

Discussion of economizers in data center cooling architectures.

Data Center Cooling Economizers

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Emerson discusses the integration of economizers into data center cooling architectures through designs that consider humidity, contamination, system reliability, and controls ensuring availability is not compromised.

Data Center ASHRAE Prescriptive Cooling System Energy Efficiency

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Google and its industry peers react to ASHRAE cooling standard for data centers. …

… “Unfortunately, the proposed ASHRAE standard is far too prescriptive. Instead of setting a required level of efficiency for the cooling system as a whole, the standard dictates which types of cooling methods must be used. For example, the standard requires data centers to use economizers — systems that use ambient air for cooling. In many cases, economizers are a great way to cool a data center (in fact, many of our companies’ data centers use them extensively), but simply requiring their use doesn’t guarantee an efficient system, and they may not be the best choice. Future cooling methods may achieve the same or better results without the use of economizers altogether. An efficiency standard should not prohibit such innovation. ” …

Via Google: Setting efficiency goals for data centers

Facebook Custom Data Center

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Facebook breaks ground on its custom data center that will support scalable growth for the company. Efficiency features include evaporative cooling, airside economizer, server heat exchange, and a proprietary uninterruptible power supply. …

… “We are designing a facility that will be highly efficient and cost-effective for our operations today and into the future. When Facebook first began with a small group of people using it and no photos or videos to display, the entire service could run on a single server. … ” …

Via Facebook: Our First Custom Data Center

Intel Air Economizer for Data Center Cooling System Efficiency

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Energy Savings Achievement Recognized with Rebate

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Efficient data center is recognized with rebate
Sacramento Municipal Utility District recognizes RagingWire’s efficiency efforts with a incentive rebate of $150,000. …

… “Some of the efforts include installing waterside economizers, oversized cooling towers, variable speed pumps, and highly efficient chillers. The result of this past year’s efforts alone have created additional energy savings of over 2,000,000 kWh of electricity per year, which equates to reducing 1.6 million pounds of CO2 emissions, or the equivalent of driving a small family car around the Earth over 100 times. These savings are incremental to RagingWire’s already environmentally friendly design. ” …

Via RagingWire: Energy Efficiency Rebate from SMUD

ADC McClellan Data Center Efficiency

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Green data center design by ADC
ADC is building the green McClellan Park data center for the United States Air Force. …

… “By utilizing energy efficiency strategies such as Air Side Economizers, Hot/Cold Isle and Highly Efficient Chiller and Fan systems, ADC uses 25% less overall energy to operate the same Critical Load … ” …

Via Advanced Data Centers: McClellan/Sacramento Data Center

Data Center Energy Rebate

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NetApp data center design pays off with rebate
NetApp receives Green Business certification by the County of Santa Clara, California and is recognized with a rebate for its data center energy efficiency by Pacific Gas and Electric Company. …

… “Pacific Gas and Electric Company presented NetApp with a rebate of $1,427,477 under PG&E’s Non-Residential New Construction Program, which encourages PG&E’s commercial, industrial, high-technology, and agricultural customers to implement energy-efficient building and process design and construction. NetApp’s rebate is the largest new construction incentive PG&E has ever awarded. NetApp received the rebate for the design of its new Sunnyvale engineering data center and the measures it implemented to more efficiently provide power and decrease the energy needed for cooling. Upgrades included environmentally friendly flywheel uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, energy-efficient transformers, outside air economizers, and a variable primary chiller plant. ” …

Via NetApp: Rebate for Data Center Energy Efficiency