eBay’s Topaz Data Center reduces power consumption

eBay’s strategic infrastructure project pursues reliable, continuous power delivery in the data center with reduced energy usage.  Triple redundancy is built into the PLC system where a voting algorithm monitors the state of devices.  …

As a result of the design and construction efforts and the subsequent power usage savings, the Topaz facility achieved a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold rating in 2010.

The Quad PAC solution features Smart Redundancy, an algorithm that continually calculates the relative system availability in real time and delivers predictive analysis on key process input variables. A quad redundancy control system has a Master Controller and three synchronized backup controllers.

It leverages Ethernet-based I/O devices that can seamlessly arbitrate its control from one of the four controllers in the system. If the Master Controller, or any of the system components fail, the system identifies the best backup controller to take over and provides the system with the most capability to withstand the next sequence of multiple or cascaded system failures.

via GE: GE Quad PAC Redundancy Control Solution.

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