EPA Energy Star Label for Data Centers requires top quartile efficiency performance

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has made the Energy Star label attainable for stand-alone data centers and buildings that house large data centers.  To achieve the Energy Star rating, data centers must achieve the top quartile (25 percent of their peers) of energy efficiency using the EPA energy performance scale. Data center energy efficiency will translate into financial savings and a smaller carbon footprint.  …

…   “EPA uses a commonly accepted measure for energy efficiency, the Power Usage Effectiveness metric, to determine whether a data center qualifies for the Energy Star label. Before being awarded the Energy Star, a licensed professional must independently verify the energy performance of these buildings and sign and seal the application document that is sent to EPA for review and approval.

Data centers are found in nearly every sector of the economy and deliver vital information technology services, including data storage, communications and internet accessibility.

Data centers use a significant amount of energy, accounting for 1.5 percent of total U.S. electricity consumption at a cost of $4.5 billion annually, an amount that is expected to almost double over the next five years.

Significant energy and cost savings are possible through modest gains in efficiency. The energy consumed by data centers is growing every year. “   …

Via EPA: Energy Star Label (Link).

References for starting your data center efficiency program and developing the roadmap for Energy Star rating.  …

  • Data Center Energy Efficiency Principles (PDF).
  • Guidance for energy management programs (Link). 
  • Data Center Benchmarking (Link).
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