Data Center Network Fabric

Juniper Networks creates data center network architecture to flatten legacy data center networks from three to two layers preparing the enterprise for future network fabric. …

… “Juniper’s 3-2-1 architecture helps customers simplify data center networks while simultaneously improving the economics and experience of IT and end users. Customers can now eliminate an entire layer of switching from their networks, delivering lower latency and higher performance, smaller footprint and lower power consumption, simplified management and lower total cost of ownership. By applying Juniper’s Virtual Chassis fabric technology to the access layer, Juniper eliminates the need for aggregation — a primary source of complexity in the data center network — and can reduce the number of switch interactions by up to 99 percent compared to legacy three-layer networks. It also improves application performance by reducing latency up to 77 percent compared to legacy three-layer networks. ” …

Via Juniper Networks: Path to Single Data Center Fabric

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