Toyota Green Data Center uses IBM Measurement Tech

IBM collaborates with Toyota Motor Sales, USA and Southern California Edison to lower energy costs in Toyota’s data center using measurement technology that identifies and reduces energy consumption. The measurement tech pinpointed opportunities to adjust air flow and increase temperature setpoints and, ultimately, to reduce the cooling load. Real-time sensors were strategically placed around the data center to understand the effects of changes. SCE is evaluating the scalability of this solution across its customer base. …

… “To decrease rising energy consumption and server failure risk, Toyota Motor Sales used IBM’s Measurement and Management Technologies in its 20,000 square foot Torrance, California data center over a five-month period. The multi-level measurement tool assesses thermal readings throughout the data center from floor to ceiling and provides a detailed assessment of the heat distribution by creating a three-dimensional chart which pinpoints power and cooling inefficiencies. By using the scanning technology, researchers are then able to create a base model which is used to implement improvements within existing resources at low costs. During the pilot period, the automaker saw a decrease in high temperature hot spots and energy costs in the data center which houses its application development and testing equipment as well as file-sharing, email and printing capabilities. ” …

Via IBM: Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. Green Data Center

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