ACT LEED Platinum Data Center

ACT’s new data center has achieved LEED Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, which is the first LEED Platinum certified data center in the nation and in Iowa. …

… “A great example is ACT‘s energy-efficient geothermal system which is unique among data centers. Geothermal has traditionally not been compatible with data centers, since they constantly reject heat and would quickly heat saturate the ground. Project engineers developed an innovative design that made geothermal viable for ACT’s data center. Geothermal also provides an extremely resilient system because the heat transfer loops are buried in the ground and the remainder of the equipment resides within the tornado resistant facility. As a result, the system provides a cooling source that is fully protected from 250 mph wind speed, projectiles, and vandalism. Further, a separate highly energy efficient system incorporating dry coolers provides redundancy for the primary geothermal loop. The dry cooler system can be used as backup or when cold Iowa outdoor conditions make using it more efficient than using the ground-source system. ” …

Via ACT: First LEED Platinum Level Data Center

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