Smart Metering Data Center Energy

Data centers must work towards creating the measurement of baseline energy performance, such as the PUE metric. The use of smart meters may be the key enabler to sustain the tracking of energy consumption. Teridian is leveraging its strengths in smart meters for the electric power industry to create an offering for the data center market. If the measurement process is simple and built-into the data center infrastructure, it increases the likelihood that performance improvement will remain visible and be sustained. …

… “Teridian CEO Gerald Fitch: However, energy usage tracking and measurement has typically been focused on the infrastructure, or the building. The next step is to look at the data center from the inside out, measuring how the equipment inside of the building is using energy. A new class of ICs is on the horizon that will allow OEMs to integrate smart measurement into servers, power supplies, power distribution units, and communications equipment in a cost-efficient way. ” …

Via Teridian Semiconductor: SMART ENERGY MOVEMENT

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