Sustainability Metrics for IT Carbon Footprint

Zerofootprint and Cybernomics collaborate to create the One Minute ECOnomics Carbon Calculator for assessing and benchmarking sustainable performance. …

… “Calculations are based on real-time IT statistics captured by Cybernomics’ Analytics platform and presented as a benchmark for comparison of an individual company’s performance. The calculator’s carbon engine is powered by Zerofootprint and is focused on helping businesses measure and reduce their carbon footprint. The ECOnomics calculator lays out exactly where a company is using the most energy and illustrates how measures such as server virtualization, thin client strategies, and using LCD/LED screens can translate into immense carbon savings. Cutting down on energy, hardware and overall management costs through a Sustainable IT strategy is also a concrete way of better controlling overall IT expenditure, as well as reducing carbon emissions. ” …

Via Think Green Alliance: ECOnomics Carbon Calculator

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