Data Centre Efficiency Code

The European Commission releases its Code of Conduct for increased energy efficiency in data centres. The code focuses on the IT load and the facility load and describes seven principles that participants should embrace. Metrics are defined, such as the data centre infrastructure efficiency index which is analogous to a yield calculation. …

… “Over provisioning, ensuring availability and associated costs were previously considered a negligible risk to business performance because energy costs were relatively small in comparison to the IT budget, and environmental responsibility was not considered to be the remit of the IT department. However, with rising energy prices this is no longer the case, and the issue of energy consumption at the individual data centre level is becoming increasingly important as operational energy expenditures and ecological impact of the energy consumed begins to play an ever important role in overall cost of ownership of data centres. ” …

Via EUROPEAN COMMISSION, Renewable Energies Unit: Code of Conduct on Data Centres Energy Efficiency

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