Greening Government IT Strategy Sets Technology Agenda

UK government sets green IT strategy into motion. Objectives for greening information technology include understanding the carbon impact of new investments with a target of carbon neutral and taking a lifecycle view of new IT assets. The government will pursue power management for active devices and use virtualization to drive capacity utilization rates much higher. …

UK Cabinet Office implements green Information Technology strategy

… “The Greening Government ICT strategy sets out the first steps we can take to reduce our carbon footprint. We are the first government in the world to look at our ICT in this way and we want to see changes taking place immediately. We want to see best green practice throughout government – computers switched off overnight, printers defaulting to duplex, data centres efficiently cooled. The good news is that we are not alone in aiming for these goals. There is already a great deal of activity in departments and within industry and we will be working with our suppliers to ensure that action is taken immediately. ” …

Via UK Cabinet Office: Greening Government ICT (PDF)

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